WhateverWeb is a new way of doing web development. We provide you with tools to easily create future friendly, adaptive and optimized web experiences across all variations of the web.

Best of both worlds

The goal of WhateverWeb is to bridge knowledge and best practices from the mobile web industry with modern web development techniques and to help web devs. manage the increasing diversity of the web. We are all in on responsive design, Html5, progressive enhancement and all those buzz words. Simply because it is good for mobile.

However, we still think that we can contribute to this development with some insights and experience gained over the years. This is why we decided to create WhateverWeb.

As the name suggests, this is a platform for whatever kind of device or run-time, as long as based on web technology.

With WhateverWeb we want to make the transition to mobile-first as smooth as possible.

Brought to you by Mobiletech

WhateverWeb.com is brought to you by Mobiletech AS, a global provider of mobile software and services that enable mobile web solutions. Today, more than 300 companies rely on Mobiletech to power their mobile strategy with solutions that span 60 countries and 57 languages.

Mobiletech has created whateverweb.com to help you transition from creating online experiences that are desktop centric to designing scalable device agnostic web solutions. We do this by combining our long experience in, creating mobile solutions that tailor the user experience to different devices, with modern web development techniques. The result is what you find here on whateverweb.com. A modern approach to the ubiquitous web.

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