How it works

Once you Register, you get access to a dashboard where you can create "applications". These applications are sites or web apps where you can use the services listed below. You can configure and tweak each service as you like. For advanced users we can scale the cloud offering to meet the needs.

Image Scaling

See examples on GitHub

Graphics account for the vast majority of bytes transferred to the browsers. Our image resizing service makes sure that the images are optimized to the actual device, whether it is a mobile device on a slow connection, a desktop device on cable or a smart-TV on wifi. All this done through our simple interface made with ease of use in mind. We take care of caching and performance so you can focus on the development. The service also offers useful functions for manipulating the image, such as cropping. And of course, the service is compatible with other popular plugins for handling responsive images, such as picturefill.

Extended CSS media queries

See examples on GitHub

Media queries is a key feature of modern Responsive Web Design. However, the media features are limited and the overhead is huge. By executing the media queries server side we eliminate some of the overhead, which means less data traffic and less http requests. Further, we have also made WURFL capabilities available as "media features". That means you can assign styles based on device/browser capabilities. Moreover, you can add your own custom capabilities, assign devices/browsers to them and use them in your CSS and even through the device detection service.

Device Detection

See examples on GitHub

Device detection used to be the core functionality of "mobile publishing platforms" which you used to need when making a mobile site. Today, the needs has changed and web developers need quick and easy access to device information either to fix stuff server side or enhance functionality client side through some JavaScript. Our device detection service meet the needs of modern web development. Our device detection service gives you flexibility through easy to use a RESTful API. You can even manage your own custom additions online.

Git Publishing

See examples on GitHub

Git is neat.
We have made Git even neater by, first providing git publishing for free, adding some "hooks" which are very useful for modern web development. This means when you are pushing to your free storage we will optimise images, minify JavaScript and CSS, process SASS and more.