A fresh approach to (mobile) web development

All sorts of devices access the web. WhateverWeb helps you provide a flawless experience for all. Give your site a mobile boost!
Let's bring web into the future

Your web, one web, WhateverWeb

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Let's bring web into the future

Whateverweb makes it easier for web developers to achieve truly adaptive web sites by combining best practices from server side and client side through a collection of technology independent APIs and services.

  • Handle device quirks

    Overcome device diversity with our proven server side device detection, combined with client side feature detection through RESTful APIs.

  • Reduced data traffic

    Responsive design has overhead. The CSS processor and Image Server help you reduce this overhead.

  • Increased speed

    Less data transferred, means increased speed. WhateverWeb helps you to optimize where it makes most sense, client or server side.

  • Git powered hosting

    Storage space powered by Git. Push static files using git commands, and you are online. Version control included.

  • Git has this nifty features of hooks. We have added hooks to pre-process images, css, JavaScript and even LESS and SASS.

  • Plain markup, no magic

    Write your favorite type of markup, HTML5 or whatever. You are in control. You can even Twitter Bootstrap or HTML5 boilerplate.

  • Get started on GitHub

    Get an easy start by forking us on GitHub. Examples, boilerplates and documentations will continuously be updated there.

  • Run your site anywhere

    Even if Git and hosting is included, the site can live anywhere. Utilize your current CMS or hosting provider.

  • Online management

    To increase flexibility and ease of use, we have created a dashboard where you can manage the services according to your needs.